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Hi I want to use this map for a guidebook but the street names (and everything else) is in Greek script. Do you have a map of Athens already in Latin script, or can I change the names manually. Thanks.

asked 26 Jan '13, 14:10

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I did not find/know of a map which just replaces the script (transliterations; here specifically romanization of Greek). Following some info about the closely related multilingual or maps with a specific language. It may still help.

Note: I left this answer open for editing, in case someone likes to continue instead of posting a new answer.

More info: (e.g. also bilingual maps are already realized).

Also you can render your own map style - see

You want to make a guidebook - maybe a vector graphics map better suits your need (if you want to print in high resolution). See and

Please always obey the licensing and tile usage restrictions.

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The map in English (on may only have the English names "where our volunteers have also entered an English name", but don't forget that you, too, could enter the English names for streets that don't currently have them!

(28 Jan '13, 01:57) blahedo

Just to make this clear: you should add a "int_name:[language code]" tag to the streets rather than replace the existing "name" tags with ones that use a latin script.

See also

(28 Jan '13, 09:34) Vincent de P... ♦

Aside from manually adding English names - sometimes (most times?!) there are no English names and the task is just transliteration. That is possible by computers - but I don't know such a map.

(29 Jan '13, 01:51) aseerel4c26 ♦

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