hi all, why there is no computer shop icon in the shopping category? I think that can be useful to know where to go for help if someone gets in trouble with his pc or pda while travelling

generally speaking, there is a way to suggest new icons to add?

asked 26 Jan '13, 12:33

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Fabio Mosti
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Hi and welcome, Fabio!

Do you mean the appearance at our standard map style on osm.org? Then please see the answers to that other question (in short: currently no changes are made since it is ported to a new system but there are lots of other map styles and uses of our data): Question: rendering-of-public_transportplatform-on-mapnik.

If you mean the preset icons of the editor Potlatch2 (which you used in your last edit): it does, by far, not support all features which we have in our data. Here is how to tag a computer shop: shop=computer (in our docu wiki). You can add those tags via the advanced mode in Potlatch2.

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answered 26 Jan '13, 13:24

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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hi aseerel, thank you for your answer, it's exactly what I was looking for, the way to add a computer shop (or other kind of places of course)

I will try with advanced mode.

I really like this project, I will try to help providing infos about Bologna, my city, and other places I know well.

Excuse me for my poor english :)

(26 Jan '13, 14:19) Fabio Mosti
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