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A question regarding the name=* tag on bus stops. Someone came up with the idea if there is a shopping centre "Shopping Centre X" with a bus stop "Shopping Centre X" (the name of the mall) nearby, one should name this bus stop "Shopping Centre X bus stop", i.e. attach "bus stop" to the name of the bus stop to clarify that this node is not the mall but the bus stop. Another example: There's a "Main Road" and a bus stop "Main Rd" nearby, should I tag this bus stop with "name=Main Rd bus stop" or omit the "bus stop" part?

Thanks for advice Mr Kanister

asked 18 Jan '13, 16:20

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Mister Kanister
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edited 18 Jan '13, 17:34

You need not and should not do this. A bus stop doesn't only consist of the position and the name tag but also of the highway=bus_stop tag. Consequently all the required information to distinguish it from a shop, a street or any other object is already there. Additionally any other tool would have to remove the "bus stop" string again in order to display the official name of the stop. Only tag the official name and don't use any custom additions. Also see the notes section of the name tag.

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answered 18 Jan '13, 17:20

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Thank you very much, this sums up my first thoughts but it's always good to have a reference ;-)

(18 Jan '13, 17:35) Mister Kanister

It should be the name of the stop as it appears on the sign and/or, if it's a government agency in the US, public domain data they publish. Like any other object, not all objects have names (something some editors in Oklahoma keep forgetting on unnamed state highways and county roads that are only identifiable by ref=*...)

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answered 19 Jan '13, 05:08

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Baloo Uriza
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The "bus stop" should not be added to the name. The first preference would be to use the name assigned to it, either obtained from the sign or the government agency.

If no name has been assigned to the bus stop, try to associate it with a prominent feature or building; the "Shopping Centre" is a good example. If there is no feature nearby, choose a nearby intersection "Main Rd @ Oak Ave". The reason for assigning your own name is that there may be 10 stops on "Main Rd", and this will identify a specific stop. A navigation program can include the name so that it that is meaningful to the user and/or bus driver.

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answered 19 Jan '13, 12:10

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Mike N
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so one should "invent" names for bus-stops, if they are indeed unnamed (or at least not signposted)?

In Tbilisi, bus stops are either unnamed or the official name is not signposted or otherwise available. Usually, big stops have "informal" names only.

(23 Jan '13, 08:11) moszkva ter

Of course one should not invent names for anything that has no name. If it has no name, then don't tag it with a name tag.

(23 Jan '13, 15:43) cartinus

If there are people announcing the stops like in Cusco, then they have names, even when they are not signposted.

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answered 19 Dec '14, 23:02

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