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I am currently building a route planning app for runners. I'm wondering if it's possible extract all the ways/map features (for a specific area) on which humans can walk/run?

Is it also possible to download just the filtered mapping data without having to download all the other map features that normally come from the API (to save bandwidth).

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That's going to be an awful lot of data if you want to process the whole planet. Maybe start with a smaller data extract (perhaps for a smaller country) first?

One approach, as detailed here, would be to use osmconvert - in your case you'd want to extract ways tagged "highway" and then exclude from that those that people aren't allowed to walk on.

An alternative approach would be to throw all the OSM data data into a database and then work with it there. The instructions here are designed to support a tile server (which you don't need) but do cover loading the planet or an extract into a database, from which you could process it.

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See the access restrictions page for implicit default access values for different countries. Additionally there are various interesting hiking tags, especially sac_scale, trail_visibility and of course hiking routes. The hiking wiki page has more information.

(15 Jan '13, 08:49) scai ♦

Thanks for the answer. I think we're on the right track but I'm not trying to download the whole planet file then extract the relevant features but trying to get the mapping data for a 5-miles-radius area as specified by the user of the app and then extract the mapping features that will be needed to compute a route/path for the user.

(15 Jan '13, 21:40) Sadeer

That sort of radius should be well within the capabilities of Overpass or an XAPI server (perhaps one that you host along with the rest of your application)

(15 Jan '13, 21:59) SomeoneElse ♦

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