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How do I tag a Diner, In the North Eastern part of America Diners are fairly common and sought out as they are usually 24hr / 7 days a week restaurants. They are sought at if one is out late and wants to get something to eat while mostly everything else is closed or if someone wants to eat really early.

They always have a dining counter and serve coffee, eggs, toast and breakfast foods as well as sandwiches. Some diners have Greek owners and sell Greek cuisine but it is always a diner first and what ever ethnic foods as a secondary thing.

Check out the Wikipedia Article for a better explanation

I looked at the wiki and haven't quite found a tag to use for it. Any suggestions are welcomed as well as questions to further clarify the issue.

asked 13 Jan '13, 03:49

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What's wrong with the restaurant tag? Additionally there are currently 67 uses of cuisine=diner according to taginfo.

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answered 13 Jan '13, 12:56

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Combine the restaurant tag with opening_hours=24/7 and you have tagged all the relevant information.

(13 Jan '13, 13:53) cartinus

As an American and a frequent patron of diners, I understand your quandary. I don't have an answer, but this is indicative that there's different tagging approaches in OSM.

Should I tag it as amenity=diner or amenity=restaurant or use multiple other tags to describe it more ? (and as a second point, I agree that cuisine=diner isn't enough, because you mentioned, some, but not all diners, in the US have an 'ethnic' influence to them... I'm using ethnic in quotations, because when I think of ethnic, I think of "this is what my grandma made 60 years ago" and/or "this is what it tastes like in the capital country" and "ethnic" diners aren't like that, there, the recipes have been americanized and only a small portion of the menu consists of those ethnic dishes.....In your case, There probably should be a 3rd tag to represent the ethnic influence at a particular diner....all of this, IMHO.

I've run into your similar situation last week: There's shop=chemist and shop=pharmacy. Two separate tags, but after reading both wiki pages, searching for any discussions on talk lists, but as I understood, shop=pharmacy, with an additional tag dispensing=no ; has the same meaning as shop=chemist. Seems a little redundant to have both, right ? Which one to use ?

With similar logic, I'd also ask why not make my own tag: amenity=diner ?

Now, which approach should be used for OSM : A] using 1 broad tag with one or more additional tags that specify the first broader tag, or B] a singular tag that is very specific ? In general, I honestly don't know. Even if people did, it'd take a lot to have it implemented and monitored. :p

In this case, I'd lean towards amenity=restaurant and cuisine=diner since it's already been used much more than amenity=diner (which only has been used once).

For the record, the increased use of one tag as opposed to another shouldn't solely determine whether that tag should be used (IMHO).

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answered 13 Jan '13, 20:34

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I ended up using amentity=restaurant, cuisine=diner, opening_hours=24/7

I think that is the best way to go for now, since it will have the restaurant icon on the default map and one can still search and find the diners using the tags as well as see it is a 24/7 diner. If amenity=diner gets officially drafted and used then it would make sense to use it going forward.

(14 Jan '13, 03:26) redsteakraw

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