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I just started working with Potlatch 2 this morning. I had previously been using Mapzen and when you saved the data with Mapzen, it was considered a completed change set.

I assumed, insert phrase about assuming here, that Potlatch worked similarly to Mapzen in this aspect, but when I looked at my edit history, I now have a changeset (6737444) that covers an extremely large area and does not have the correct changeset comment.

Even worse, my browser crashed and the changeset is still showing as "still editing".

Question 1: How do you close out a changeset and start a new changeset in Potlatch 2?

Question 2: Can anyone delete/revert my changeset #6737444? The areas I was mapping are fairly remote and it is unlikely that anyone has made any changes to my changes as of 12/22/10.

Revised: The changeset finally timed out and closed itself. I would still like to delete/revert the changeset to allow me to give better comments to each specific change (i.e. source, etc).

asked 22 Dec '10, 18:24

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Recently you can type 'C' to close the changeset.

See for all the keyboard shortcuts in Potlatch 2.

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answered 05 Mar '11, 00:18

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This does not seem to be working on my end (Firefox 18.0.2, Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202, Arch Linux)

(22 Feb '13, 11:57) Ward

@Ward: Did it ever work for you? It works for me (last tested about 12 hours ago) in Linux Firefox since I am contributing here. Note that the flash plugin (Potlatch2) must have the the focus to me able to catch the keypress. If the browser/webpage surrounding has the focus it will not work. Click on some scrollbar or empty space in Potlatch to focus and then press C.

(22 Feb '13, 12:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26: It's strange. I had made an edit, saved, checked the normal view, checked history and noticed "still editing". Googled what it was, came upon this, clicked on edit again, made sure I had focus and pressed C. Nothing happened and it still showed "still editing" in history. Then about 10 minutes later of not having the site open, I come back, make an edit, save, press C and it does show "changeset closed". Checking history shows the second edit closed while the first one still has "still editing". Nothing too important I guess.

(22 Feb '13, 12:15) Ward

@Ward: Changesets are automatically closed after one hour of adding no further saves to a changeset by the server. You do not need to close manually. With Potlatch you can only close a changeset while you are still in the same editing session. If you have "checked the normal view" in the meantime in the same same then you cannot return to the previous editing session and so you cannot close the changeset. Closing changesets is only relevant if you want to make several changesets in one editing session (without closing and re-opening Potlatch2).

(22 Feb '13, 13:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

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