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Dear All, There is a problem in my area that I want to correct. It only shows in mapsforge but I still want to amend it. Unfortunately it seams to involve something too complex for a newbie like me. Relation 1862045 does not show forest west of Can someone help? Thanks for all your work Gotthard

asked 05 Jan '13, 20:29

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You can browser the relation here , you can also have a look at it on the map by following this link . I can't see any problems involving the relation itself, could you add more information detailing the problem?

(13 Jan '13, 19:52) ChrisB

I couldn't find any obvious error at the relation or its members.
Additionally I wouldn't assume the error being on OSM's side when the region is displayed correct for most clients and applications except one.

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answered 05 Jan '13, 21:29

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This relation has simply too many members (more than 275). Although editors and renderers probably can handle it, for a human to check correctness of this relation after an edit is ... . This relation should be at least halved to make it a little bit better maintainable.

(06 Jan '13, 13:03) RM87

Thank you all, for your remarks. The relation seems to be ok, the problem was caused by a problem of the renderer. Thanks again to all of you! Jgda

(13 Jan '13, 21:54) jgda

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