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Since an update to OsmAnd, about 3 months ago, I've no longer been able to save GPX tracks. My current version is 1.0.0 beta.

If I go to Menu -> Define view, select GPX track, then "Show current track" I get the message "Please enable 'Log tracks to GPX file' settings". But I can't figure out how to enable that. This is what I've tried:

Under "Settings -> Plugin Manager" I've selected "Logging services" and "Sleep mode functionality. Both these options show up with a red circle on the right and green text underneath.

Under "Navigation" the option "Log track to GPX file" is selected and "Logging interval" is set to 5 seconds.

My GPS receiver is on and working (I can see my position on the off-line map and my coordinates with GPS Status).

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? If this functionality no longer works in OsmAnd, can anyone recommend an alternative for saving tracks? I've read good things about OSMtracker. Can it continue to save tracks with the screen blanked and locked? That's pretty essential.


asked 05 Jan '13, 16:21

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Thanks for the prompt responses. Thanks to your pointers I got it to work! The sleep mode works too (under the "Logging services" icon in the status bar).

I tried OSMtracker and it's pretty good. I suspect I'll make good use of both (OsmAnd for the ability to display tracks on off-line map, which is great for hiking, and OSMtracker for the extra features for annotating tracks).

(06 Jan '13, 00:00) Buccia

The default is to start recording after making these changes, however you may have disabled it an another way.

From the configuration menu (gear in the upper right) look in the "Right Panel" for "GPX recording." If this is checked, great, if not check it.

On the upper right side of the screen you should now see either a grey circle with the word "start" or a red circle with some distance measurements. If it says start, press it and it will now be recording. Otherwise it is a bug and should be filed with the OSMAnd people.

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answered 05 Jan '13, 19:57

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Thanks, this amswer seemed to help me (although after I stopped it and started again, the new track didn't appear on osmand 0.8.2; but aftet another restart, it seems to record and show the track again). Shoudn't this advice be incorporated into the message osmamd shows when turning on showing the current track?

(06 May '13, 18:09) imz -- Ivan ...

@imz -- Ivan: Quite possibly, but that's something you'd need to raise with the authors of OsmAnd (which although it uses OpenStreetMap data, isn't directly connected to the OSM project).

(06 May '13, 23:08) SomeoneElse ♦

@imz, displaying the recorded track is a different issue. My experience has been that every time you start tracking you must specify to show the current track every time.

(07 May '13, 16:24) he_the_great

I had the same problem as question starter, and this answer helped me. But OsmAnd UI is a great, great mess, and they don't bother to fix it, but change around with each new version, just making more convoluted.

(23 Jul '13, 08:21) pfalcon

I use version 1.1.0 beta (Android; from the google - Playstore). Before you can enable/disable the logging, you are asked which profile (car, bike, by foot) you want to edit. Maybe you enabled logging for bike and you are navigating with the car profile.

For recording and using your tracks I recommend OSMtracker too. It is easy to use, you can edit your menu/waypoints. So you can decide if you want only the basics or use the 'pro features'.

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answered 05 Jan '13, 18:03

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I personally use OSMtracker to create the tracklogs. It continues to log when beeing in the background as you like and it is very simple to add notes to the track.

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answered 05 Jan '13, 16:53

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I've been having issues with it not tracking with the screen off (but also had it work fine in the past). I don't think OSMAnd is any better, but it doesn't link the two disparate nodes after starting again. It is also nice the map is offline. OSMtracker is a little easier to add in POI but OSMAnd allows for better positioning and detail (if choosing so).

(05 Jan '13, 20:05) he_the_great

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