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Named junctions that are roundabouts can easily be given a "name" tag, and this could also be done for single-node junctions by also tagging them junction=yes. But how should one tag the names (and other info) for intersections of dual carriageways (with four nodes) and more complex interchanges which cannot be represented by a single node or circular way?

asked 05 Jan '13, 08:13

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make the relation :)

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answered 05 Jan '13, 19:59

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Okay; found the relation type=junction, which hasn't gotten past proposal status but has a thousand or so uses. Guess it's the best fit for now.

(13 Jan '13, 10:52) Paul_012

Mark the node where the motorway and the motorway_link separate with

  • highway=motorway_junction
  • name=(Exit or junction name)
  • ref=(Exit or junction number)

See highway=motorway_junction for examples.


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answered 15 Jan '13, 10:57

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the question was about a roundabouts, not about а node

(15 Jan '13, 11:47) dr_mx

"for intersections of dual carriageways and more complex interchanges". No roundabouts here, Paul even states he knows how to tag roundabouts.

And even if it was a more complex roundabout (like this one: it could be tagged as I said ("Knoten Nordbrücke").

(15 Jan '13, 12:11) _al

can you show full taggin scheme for the above example?

should be only one unique name tag for the intersection. this is only possible when using a relation

(15 Jan '13, 18:20) dr_mx

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