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First time here, mainly because I want to ask 2 things: 1. How to make a correction on a map. I began viewing the tutorial videos by Steve but they are very long and deal with many topics. I wanted to correct an error on the MapQuest option, but the error--British Columbia misspelled as ... Colombia--was not on the editing page for me to correct. 2.When I first opened a OSM map it had hiking trails/tracks with trail numbers on it at a certain level of magnification. But later those numbers disappeared and I could not get them to reappear at any level of magnification. Until I closed the program and reopened it then got the numbers back. How do I see what the overlays are, other than the 4 options at the top right? Map with no trail numbers Map with numbers Is there a way to get the source of the trail/track information? Thanks!

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In answer to the first part of the question, different maps show different things (different representations of the same data). The "Mapquest Open" tiles are created from the OSM data, but they make some changes (to make it more Mapquesty) as they do so. Unfortunately one of the changes seems to be to the spelling of "British Columbia". If you look here you can see it. That name is associated with a "relation" that the "way" on the border is part of - you can see an example here. The beginner's guide has a bit more about the raw constituents of OSM data "nodes", "ways" and "relations".

To correct this problem you'd need to mention it to the "Open Mapquest" people. One of the bunch of links here is probably the place to start.

In answer to the second part, names of some items are supposed to show as you zoom in. US Forest Service Trail 6892 shows here. Unfortunately, drag the map to the southwest and the name isn't shown. I'm guessing that that's a stylesheet glitch associated with the display of names against very long items. In the layer switcher there's a "browse map data" option - that does show the name correctly.

To correct this would require a change to the renderer of the "standard" map. Bugs are logged using trac (but this one already might have been - you can view tickets first to check). Unfortunately logging a trac ticket is no guarantee of getting it fixed, since the maintainers are all volunteers, and some tickets are mutually exclusive ("make the map nice" vs "show all the information").

Finally, re the source of the trail/track information, you could ask the original mapper. From your second link you can click "browse map data" and, click on "US Forest Service Trail 689.2", then click "details" at the left, and you'll be taken to this page. Above "Version: 1" it says "Edited By:" - you can click on the name, and then send them a message asking them.

Sometimes mappers will add a "source" tag (here's an example just over the Canadian border) so in that case you wouldn't even need to ask to find out.

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