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Hi, so ive done lots of streetnaming and adding Poi's and directions, but i know there are lots of speedcams over here so i wanna add those too.

Now the first question is how, i created this node (2087379550) as type=enforcement, enforcement=maxspeed, maxspeed=70.

Is that good or do i have to add highway= speed_cam and name?

Second, if i used an enforcement like above can i add a second one too? Because they check both speed and red light.

asked 29 Dec '12, 16:25

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Hi, this could be youre solution, There two cameras on each side for speedlinits and redlight. Greetz

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answered 29 Dec '12, 19:54

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that would be allot of cameras at one intersection, as it is right now i think i have to place 6 allready. Does it hurt to use 2 enforcement's on one node?

(29 Dec '12, 21:54) Tygerr

Hi, my answer was a bit short. And I dont understand your answer, but I just corrected the situation, my own work. What follows below is the answer I once got from Scai 'Another common approach is to use a semicolon (;) to separate multiple values for the same key. But don't expect all tools to handle this correctly.'

Thanks, but its only one pole with surprisingly a double function. Just add a extra node on top of the other one ?

Although having two nodes on the exact same location is usually discouraged it seems to be a valid solution here.

I just corrected the situation and added the right tags The link above is the same, but has only one pole. So according to Scai there two possibillyties, adding 2 nodes ontop of eachother or adding the semicolon. I choose for 1 node with 2 tags, like this: enforcement traffic_signals;maxspeed plus maxspeed 70 happy cartering and a good 2013

(29 Dec '12, 22:37) Hendrikklaas
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