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I want to create bitmap maps to use in wikipedia, but I don't want any names on itself (otherwise I'll have to create different versions for each language).

As long as I have searched I didn't find a way to export a map like that.

asked 20 Dec '10, 20:31

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aseerel4c26 ♦

The [old] multilanguage map at has tiles without names and many different languages as overlays. I don't think that they have a nice way to export tiles from there but if you need only a couple of them you can fetch them by hand.

The other solution would be to setup a rendering stack (osm2pgsql, mapnik, apache, mod_tile) and modify the stylesheet from openstreetmap to exclude the name labels.

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answered 21 Dec '10, 11:35

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Harry Wood


That's cool. Never knew about that. London with no names!

The service I knew about was a layer called "captionless" from the tiles@home project, but it's only at zoom level 12, and seems to be not working at the moment (it's showing captions) so that's useless.

(21 Dec '10, 12:43) Harry Wood

Thanks, fits my purpose.

(21 Dec '10, 14:45) geraki

currently also: "osm-no-labels" at (use the layer switcher on top right)

(11 Apr '13, 13:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

I appreciate sharing the information

(11 Oct '14, 09:04) mmlin

I've tweaked the link in this answer, since is no more, but I found this on the new labs servers, which may be the same thing.

But the no-labels layer there is with the old style colours of 'standard' openstreetmap, and I guess its continuity is doubtful because I think wikimedia have revamped their map rendering, which you can read more about here and see running here: But I don't know if this new stuff includes a "no labels" layer

(20 May '16, 12:54) Harry Wood

Another option is to use Maperitive, remove any "draw : text" commands in the default rules and you'll end up with no text on your bitmaps.

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answered 21 Dec '10, 11:53

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There's a couple different ways, including maperitive.

I have also created maps without text using osmarender. You'll have to edit your rules file a bit (make sure to have backups of rule files). There also may be an easier way to do this in the rules file, and I'm not 100% sure if this does it [been a few weeks since I last did it] but I removed each line that began with: <caption k="name"

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answered 21 Dec '10, 15:04

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