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Un Cordial Saludo

tengo instalado en mi cel el programa garmin con mapa de Ecuador, pero al querer descargar el mapa mas actual desde su pagina en el link que dice para dispositivos, me sale error, por favor ayudenme con eso, de igual forma encontre otro navegador (NAVITEL) que me parece muy bueno tambien pero no encuantro mapas de Ecuador en el formato (nm2) que soporta ese programa, saben como transformar los mapas img a nm2, de antemano gracias por la ayuda

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(Very) roughly I think that this translates to English as something like:

I have installed the Garmin program on my phone together with a map of Ecuador, but want to download the latest map from their website. On the link for devices, I get an error - please help with that.

I found another Navigation program (Navitel) that I think is very good too but does not contain maps of Ecuador in the format (nm2) supported by this program. How could I transform .img maps to .nm2 ones).

Thanks in advance.

(the last bit wasn't originally a question but makes more grammatical sense as one)

(23 Dec '12, 23:56) SomeoneElse ♦

There are extracts of OpenStreetMap data for Equador available from Geofabrik in a couple of formats. The .bz2 file will probably be easiest for you.

There are instructions here descriing how to convert a .osm file (raw OSM data) into a .nm2 file that's usable with Navitel.

I've not tried the process myself (I don't have anything to test the result with) but it sounds like it's worth a try.

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answered 24 Dec '12, 00:06

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