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Ok, some guys here in osm helped me.

They said to use Nominatim, but I`m REALLY REALLY new with this stuff about geocoding, are there any easier way to geocode several places?

I read about one program but it is paied, the name is Hunter GE Converter.

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Third time you ask the same question. Geocoding 1 million addresses in Brazil is not trivial. You need some minimum skill in GIS and software dev. You will not find a simple tutorial doing what you expect in 3 mouse clics (or even 10). What all can be done for you on this help site is provide some links to the Nominatim geocoding tool for OSM... check previous answers. You could do it differently by filling a geospatial db where you could run your own queries but nothing as simple as you ask.

(20 Dec '12, 12:42) Pieren

I would like to add that, working mostly on data for Brazil on OSM, the Nominatim is VERY incomplete for this country - I could say that at most 10% of all of the street names aren't in the database, and also many administrative boudaries are out-of-date/incomplete. Brazil needs a lot of work to get close to the quality seen in Europe (for example). Geoconding 1M addresses in Brazil would result in very bad quality work.

(22 Dec '12, 20:43) MCPicoli

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