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I need to extract the lagitude and longitude from several address (Brasil), but, I don`t know how, could someone send me a tutorial link or something like that?

Obs. : Preferaly offline.

Thank You.

asked 18 Dec '12, 10:43

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What you ask is called 'geocoding'. Can you enhance your question ? what do you mean by 'several' ? 10, 100, 1000 ? is the address list fixed and known or is it something variable coming from user input or third application ?

(18 Dec '12, 10:54) Pieren

I don`t know the exactly number, but it is SEVERAL, like all address in Brasil. I do have a list of this address. I think it is like 1.000.000 or more addressses.

(18 Dec '12, 10:57) guibovo

It's highly unlikely that OpenStreetMap has address data for 1,000,000 buildings in Brazil.

(18 Dec '12, 11:05) Richard ♦

Could you recommend a tool to make this?

(18 Dec '12, 11:06) guibovo

You can use Nominatim for geocoding and you can also install a local instance (which you should do anyway due to your huge amount of queries and Nominatim's usage policy) and use it offline.

However as already stated by others OpenStreetMap does not contain every single address because most data is contributed by volunteers.

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answered 18 Dec '12, 13:21

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scai ♦
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If you use Potlatch2, in the options drop down (top far right) you can choose lat lon of mouse pointer to be displayed in degrees and decimal degrees. You could also search these question for other soultions.

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answered 18 Dec '12, 11:55

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andy mackey
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Thank you for the feedback, but I need to store this coordinates.

(18 Dec '12, 12:25) guibovo

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