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i want to have a private map with my own style to be able to view on my own website. what do i need to do?

I have made with merkaartor a specific map. I have edited data downloaded from OSM. In my own file i have a specfic map of an area which i have edited with my own style.

This map with the specific style would i like to have on my own site.

How do i get this file (+style) online?

so i want: - a not public map - in my own style - on my own website

asked 17 Dec '12, 11:29

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can somebody explain to me the steps which i need to take?

(17 Dec '12, 12:30) joost243

Perhaps you could explain a bit about what style editing you've done with Merkaartor? Relatively few people here will be familar with it; but if you could describe what the outputs are (in addition to the .osm file) it would be helpful.

(17 Dec '12, 12:36) SomeoneElse ♦

Sorry for the maybe stupid question, but why should one want to place a not-public map in the internet?

(17 Dec '12, 18:12) malenki

For the same reasons all the other websites you can only view after logging in exist.

(17 Dec '12, 22:11) cartinus

If you have data in osm format, but that is not main osm data, that you want to use to render a map, try Maperitive. It allows to customise the map and either create a single graphic or a series of tiles to use in a slippy map.

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answered 17 Dec '12, 18:42

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Whilst it's perhaps overkill for what you want, it's perhaps worth mentioning that the resources on the switch2osm site should work for you too. You could set up a tile server, but instead of loading data from OSM load the data that you've edited. You could then use one of the using tiles examples to create a slippy map on your website pointing at your tile server.

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answered 17 Dec '12, 12:34

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SomeoneElse ♦
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can you maybe explain more about de concept of tile servers? what is a tile surver? and is it possible to create a certain lay-out?

(17 Dec '12, 12:48) joost243

A tile server is a computer where you can access map tiles (little images, when viewed together that form a map). Then, on an other computer, you can have a website that stitches those tiles together to a draggable map.

One tile looks like this:

If you render your own tiles, you don't need to make it publicly accessible.

(17 Dec '12, 13:28) Sanderd17

joost243, did you read the page I've linked to (above)? Did you click the links to "Tiles"? Is there anything not clear? Which parts exactly?

(17 Dec '12, 13:29) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you do not want to use OSMs data the question is not really related to OSM. The component overview in our wiki Should help you to see what you need, though.

However, is it really not possible to share the data with the public (or is your planend data worthless for the public?)? Then you could store it in the OSM database which will make it hopefully useful for everybody (and it saves you setting up the database stuff).

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answered 17 Dec '12, 12:05

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