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Strange, historic=ship and dito aircraft doesnt render anymore. Here:

Any ideas why?

asked 14 Dec '12, 12:50

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retagged 15 Dec '12, 22:04

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Hi, I reframed my question and placed it here. I thought it would be better to place and react here. I’m surprised to notice several historic ships at this place Why are these vessels visible, just because they’ve been tagged tourism attraction besides historic or because they happened to be out of the water ? And would that be the solution for the reappearance of the ships Maxmeles asked about ? Or is this just a creative way of tagging out of the Wiki ? Greetz

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answered 07 Feb '13, 14:33

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In this case I'd guess that it was tourism=attraction that's causing it to be rendered, and in both these cases probably wouldn't be "tagging incorrectly for the renderer".

However, I wouldn't obsess too much about what appears on the standard map and what doesn't; on any sane map there are bound to be things that don't get rendered, and there are services (like this one) that can show even the most unusual tags.

(07 Feb '13, 15:03) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi it just crossed my mind, ps your link like this one dosnt bring me anywhere, custom link versus msg link, but just letters on a screen.

(07 Feb '13, 15:16) Hendrikklaas

Not all values for historic are rendered on the main map unless there are other specific tags.

Until July this year both objects also had the building tag and therefore they had been rendered (because building=* is rendered). But then this tag has been removed from both objects, which seems reasonable because they are not buildings. I guess the last time you saw them has been in or before July this year.

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answered 14 Dec '12, 13:31

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scai ♦
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edited 14 Dec '12, 13:34

Aha, I see. Until some week or two ago I think they were tagged as in a relation with the surrounding water area as well, that might have played a role? Because they were rendered as late as just some weeks ago. Cheers, thanks -

(15 Dec '12, 11:55) Maxmeles

That's true, they have been part of the water multipolygon. But I have no idea how this affects the rendering.

(15 Dec '12, 12:13) scai ♦

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