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I draw address interpolation ways by making two parallel ways extending through the whole length of the street (not one way per block). I also put addr:street on each address node, rather than the interpolation way.

If a street changes name, and thus it's split into two ways with different name= tags, should I split the interpolation way at this point too? The housenumbers continue along the street as if nothing had happened, it's only the name that changes.

asked 13 Dec '12, 20:05

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The best data is data that has all housenumbers in it, so no interpolation. Of course, this isn't always feasible, and the interpolation method gives good data with less work.

But, the smaller you can get those interpolation ways, the better. I would certainly split it when it's changing street names, and I would even try to split it per block (if you have that data).

When a street changes names, but you keep the same interpolation way, I don't know how existing software is going to handle this, so for compatibility reasons, it would be best to split in different parts.

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answered 13 Dec '12, 23:25

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atm I don't even have accurate-enough information in the interpolation. For example I know that a block goes from 100 to 200, but I haven't collected the exact number of the house on the corner. If I split per block I end up with four nodes with the same number (see around node 295097394).

(14 Dec '12, 00:34) nicolas17
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