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I live in Kyrgyzstan, currently I'm translating the street names from Russian into Kirghiz, because Kirghiz language is national language of the state and Russian is official language. I'm replacing the name tags by Kirghiz names, is it vandalism or not? I'm registered here from 4 December.

asked 10 Dec '12, 22:34

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The "name" tag should be chosen according to what is on the ground, i.e. what is on the street sign or, if there are no street signs, according to the name that you would hear used locally. - The "name" tag should not be chosen according to politics (what the official/national/... language is in theory).

Other languages can be placed in the "name:xx" tag, where "xx" is the language code - i.e. "name:ru" for Russian names and "name:ky" for Kyrgyz names.

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answered 10 Dec '12, 23:00

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In the passports of my country, we have address names only in Kirghiz language, there is no Russian address in the passports, so what I should to do now?

(11 Dec '12, 01:15) chynggyz

Now I checked the signs on 3 streets near my house, there are new signs was only in Kirghiz, and old signs was in Russian.

(11 Dec '12, 04:12) chynggyz

OK, I will use names from street signs for the name tag, and use name:ky, name:ru tags

(11 Dec '12, 06:13) chynggyz

Uhhh, the "name" and its language IS politics, whatever you like it or not. This is especially sensitive in areas where the local names/language are replaced by force by external "occupiers". So the OSM rule of the "local knowledge" might be in conflict with political motivations and ... street signs. This topic, I'm afraid, will never end in OSM tagging even when it will be possible to select a language for rendering localized names. Or until we ban the tag "name" completely.

(11 Dec '12, 10:41) Pieren

@pieren, it's not only the name tag. It's also the wikipedia tag. The page about Wikipedia says to use the local name to refer to the wikipedia article. But what's the local name of f.e. Brussels?

(11 Dec '12, 15:33) Sanderd17

Currently, Russian is the main language used in Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan).

Unfortunately, chynggyz doesn't save russian names in name:ru and just removes this data.

(12 Dec '12, 02:40) RastaM
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