Is it possible to extract a GPX file from this data? Am I missing something? It seems to me it should be just a matter of pressing a button, but I'm going mad finding the button!

The only alternative I have found is this: and tracing it manually.

I am having a difficult time finding a reliable GPS trace of this particular route, and I'd like a pristine version with no POI or anything other than a line to follow.

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Downloading OSM data in GPX format is not a core function of the site and there's no button on the OSM web site that does it. OSM makes all the data available but it takes third-party software or web sites to do what you want. I'll try to list a few but if those aren't to your liking you can always code something yourself - the data is there for the taking!

The simplest way to get a GPX for a relation is normally this utility from the German development server:

However for your particular relation it seems to error out. Alternatively there's a perl script called "" which is documented in French and German, but not English, here:

There's also the option of loading the relation (via File->Download Object) in the JOSM editor and saving as GPX, however you'll have to combine the individual ways into one before if you want a proper, one-piece GPX. The wayselector plugin may help with that.

If your route were a hiking or cycling route then it could be exported as GPX on but that doesn't help you this time.

Manual tracing on the site is certainly a "last resort" option but you could also try one of the routing engines listed on - most of them offer GPX export, and with any luck it is sufficient to define a couple via points along your desired route to find the one.

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I was pretty sure that the 'Relation Analyzer' website ( used to offer this functionality, but I can't find it any more.

(09 Dec '12, 14:16) Richard ♦
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It seems to me that the method used to export a way or a track or path from JOSM to GPX works not fine. Really it is designed mainly to export a relation. When I select ONLY a path the export procedure generates a GPX file that contains not only my path but also all the elements of the group which the path belongs to and I did not find a way to separate or eliminate the unwanted elements. Does anybody know a way to export JUST the wished element?

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