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Is it possible to extract a GPX file from this data? Am I missing something? It seems to me it should be just a matter of pressing a button, but I'm going mad finding the button!

The only alternative I have found is this: and tracing it manually.

I am having a difficult time finding a reliable GPS trace of this particular route, and I'd like a pristine version with no POI or anything other than a line to follow.

asked 08 Dec '12, 18:55

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andy mackey

pifpafpuf doesn't even exist anymore

(30 Aug '22, 20:20) brightj

This is hardly surprising after almost 10 years. Please either ignore such old questions or improve them by suggesting alternatives. Your comment isn't really helping, unfortunately.

(31 Aug '22, 10:44) scai ♦

Downloading OSM data in GPX format is not a core function of the site and there's no button on the OSM web site that does it. OSM makes all the data available but it takes third-party software or web sites to do what you want. I'll try to list a few but if those aren't to your liking you can always code something yourself - the data is there for the taking!

The simplest way to get a GPX for a relation is normally this utility from the German development server:

However for your particular relation it seems to error out. Alternatively there's a perl script called "" which is documented in French and German, but not English, here:

There's also the option of loading the relation (via File->Download Object) in the JOSM editor and saving as GPX, however you'll have to combine the individual ways into one before if you want a proper, one-piece GPX. The wayselector plugin may help with that.

If your route were a hiking or cycling route then it could be exported as GPX on but that doesn't help you this time.

Manual tracing on the site is certainly a "last resort" option but you could also try one of the routing engines listed on - most of them offer GPX export, and with any luck it is sufficient to define a couple via points along your desired route to find the one.

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answered 09 Dec '12, 01:01

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I was pretty sure that the 'Relation Analyzer' website ( used to offer this functionality, but I can't find it any more.

(09 Dec '12, 14:16) Richard ♦

Found a solution:

The simplest way to export OSM path to GPX file is to use [overpass turbo] page. Btw, in OSM terms, path are represented as Way structures, a simple list of node coordinates.

Open OSM, use search to navigate to the path (way) you want. For example, i used this one: [Then] open In the left part of the screen you'll need to type following query, using the way ID [from] OSM page:

way(762977045); out geom;

Click Run and then Export -> download/copy as GPX

I have read couple of threads about this topic and I find it strange as none of them will provide such a clear an easy example. I guess many people will need to export some paths form OSM into GPX, and I hope this answer will help them

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answered 30 Aug '22, 20:41

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@brightj Thank you a lot for your answer that is clear and works fine. Cheers

(31 Aug '22, 16:48) gbal45
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answered 13 Feb '17, 04:40

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It seems to me that the method used to export a way or a track or path from JOSM to GPX works not fine. Really it is designed mainly to export a relation. When I select ONLY a path the export procedure generates a GPX file that contains not only my path but also all the elements of the group which the path belongs to and I did not find a way to separate or eliminate the unwanted elements. Does anybody know a way to export JUST the wished element?

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answered 23 Jun '20, 18:32

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Puoi scaricare in formato GPX qualsiasi sentiero (o insieme di sentieri) che ti interessa usando una qualsiasi mappa di terze parti ad esempio LocusMap web, che è una copia di OSM. Nella funzione "pianifica percorso" di Locus Map web con il mouse crei waypoints per unire il tracciato che ti interessa e quando hai terminato salva il percorso e poi esporta in GPX. La traccia la trovi nella cartella downloads del tuo browser internet.

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answered 31 Dec '22, 10:56

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Giovanni For...
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@Giovanni Forgione: Ti ringrazio molto. Però il metodo illustrato in precedenza, basato su è molto efficace e non coinvolge altre app tipo Locus, Komoot o altre. Ciao

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answered 01 Jan '23, 19:33

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