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I have been source=* my elements, but for this changeset I decided to try putting the source attribution in the changeset instead. lo and behold I forgot to source my changeset. How can I select all members of a changeset to simply make another changeset with a source=Bing? Looks like I got 43 ways to attribute...

asked 08 Dec '12, 14:51

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As said by Simon, you can't in the current state of the API, add a source tag to a previous changeset. The only overkill solution would be to revert (cancel) your changeset and re-do it with the correct source tag.

That's why your best option would be to add the source tag to all object modified in your changeset, and to do that :

  • Open JOSM
  • Download the whole zone (if possible)
  • ctrl+F to find
  • changeset:your changeset number
  • find
  • Add your source tag (it will add on all object selected)

(I guess it might not work on objects modified since your changeset)

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answered 10 Dec '12, 22:53

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sly, looks like it worked. First time using JOSM, too. Thanks!

(11 Dec '12, 02:36) j_smurfy

Changeset tags can't be changed/added currently after creating the changeset (and there are no plans to add such a facility).

BTW it should be source=bing imagery or similar (IMHO), assuming you were actually using their aerial imagery.

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answered 08 Dec '12, 19:04

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source=Bing is the recommended (and commonly used) source tag for changesets made using Bing aerial imagery. See e.g. Bing#Source_tag in the wiki, but also other pages.

(08 Dec '12, 19:15) Tordanik

The wiki is littered with references of tag=astericks, I used that notation in my question. I am not placing source=astericks if that is what you mean. Also I understand changesets are permanent and perhaps I should rephrase the question. What I really mean is 'How do I select ALL elements from a previous changeset?' Or 'How do I make a changeset referencing another changeset?' Or 'Can I simultaneaously rollback/delete a changeset and copy its contents for editing, saving as new changeset?' I just need to duplicate a changeset's contents, add the tag, and save out a new changeset.Thanks!

(09 Dec '12, 02:00) j_smurfy

About the only way to acheive what you want to do, is to add a source tag after the fact to the ways you created and further add a note tag explaining that it should have already been on the original changeset. I personally however would consider that massive overkill and would just leave the data as it is and try to do better next time.

(09 Dec '12, 10:35) SimonPoole ♦

For example: I use source=Bing dated 2008 It allows others to justify changing my entries based on newer data which could even include newer Bing imagery in years to come.

(12 Dec '12, 12:26) dcp

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