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Hello I like to see the GPX better so I can follow and change some roads (marked as not solid) as solid and some are not marked as wood roads and lose sand.

asked 07 Dec '12, 09:15

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edited 07 Dec '12, 21:14

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You need to provide far more information than you have. Which piece of software and/or hardware are you using? Where are you getting your GPX and map data from?

(07 Dec '12, 11:32) Jonathan Ben...

The GPX data comes from Globalsat GB580P, it is a fine cycle computer and very accurate. I load the data in Sporttracks 3.1 and than export it as GPX I like to correct the data in potlatch 2 but the track line is very small, and lot of times exactly matching the road line and therefore not shown. see this track for example http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/albertla/traces/1365831.

thanks for your reaction, I just started to modify the streetmap, but learning still a lot over the possibilities.

(07 Dec '12, 19:03) albert

I was just about to say the last full stop (dot) has to be removed for the link to work. I don't know about Potlatch 2 but the GPX track can be adjusted in the JOSM editor in several ways including the width. Regards

(07 Dec '12, 21:14) BCNorwich

@BCNorwich: That's why I edited the link!

(07 Dec '12, 21:24) SomeoneElse ♦

You can edit the style that the GPS trace is displayed with in Potlatch 2 by waiting for the trace to load, then selecting background / vector file and changing the style "GPS" to something else (so that the GPS trace is displayed in another style).

One that might work for you is to tick the box in the "select" column for it and change "GPS" to "Potlatch". Then when you click on the trace it'll show as a wide blue line.

permanent link

answered 07 Dec '12, 21:13

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thanks all, SomeoneElse this is where I am looking for.

(07 Dec '12, 21:28) albert
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