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Hi, I made a survey, using a Garmin 62st with the intention of adding the data to OSM. The actual map and surveys in Garmin are at the right place on the Garminmap. I have been busy in this region 52.25.794 - 5.15.097 in OSM and the Garmin points at 52.15.464 - 5.09.049. Whats the right way to tackle it ? Just ordinary arithmetic ?

asked 05 Dec '12, 23:10

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I'm not sure what "at the right place on the Garminmap" means. Could you possibly expand the question to explain the issue? If it helps you could try asking in Dutch.

(06 Dec '12, 10:41) SomeoneElse ♦

The Garminmap and the marks I made are congruent with the actual situation. The coordinates however are "wrong" and bring me to a different spot. Simon said look at the permalink at the right side of my map but I dont see it, Im using P2. On the other hand its not a special OSM problem, but I figured out I would not be the first one who stumbled over it trying to make a contribution to the OSM data. I even didnt start to make a (identifiable) trace, Im just using the GPS to tag a object to get it on the right spot on the map.

(06 Dec '12, 13:43) Hendrikklaas

By "the Garminmap" do you mean "a map created from OSM data that I've installed on my Garmin", "a map that I bought or already installed there by Garmin" or something else?

(06 Dec '12, 13:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Your question is not clear to me.But did you know that your garmin and some others have an option under set-up/units to choose degrees and decimal degrees or degrees and minutes or degrees minutes and seconds so you can use the same format as OSM hddd.dddd (on the garmin).This may help you to avoid the arithmetic. permalinks are an easy way locate a area of the map you should use them, there is a question in the forum on how.

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answered 06 Dec '12, 10:38

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andy mackey
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If you're in Potlatch2 and want to send a permalink, open the "view" link at the top in another tab. Then select "edit" in that other browser tab, and then select the URL of that tab. If you want the editor to start zoomed in more, change the "zoom=18" at the end to a higher number.

(06 Dec '12, 14:00) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: or just right-click the current tab and choose 'Copy URL' (or whatever your browser calls it).

(06 Dec '12, 14:02) Richard ♦

@Richard that won't work if you've moved away from where you started editing though?

(06 Dec '12, 14:27) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi this should do, thats the area where I marked 60 objects. And expected to be able to pin point them on the OSM map, but it was nt a succes. I dont see what this adds to the sollusion of this/my problem, lmk.

(06 Dec '12, 15:59) Hendrikklaas
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Please please supply a permalink (from the map page) to the region in question when you ask such a question, there is no reason to burden the people that want to help you with the extra effort when it is only one click for you.

Further your question is not clear, I suspect that you are seeing misalinged features from tracing from aerial imagery, if that is so, please see the numerous specific answers to such problems.

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answered 06 Dec '12, 07:59

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SimonPoole ♦
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edited 06 Dec '12, 09:50


And don't forget to upload your trace (identifiable) under your user account so people can actually see what you are talking about.

(06 Dec '12, 09:35) cartinus

I have re-read your question and you seem to have too many decimal dots in your lat longs. OSM just uses degrees and decimal fractions of a degree like the following permalink so your numbers should read 52.25794 and 5.15097 note no minus sign which would be west of the Greenwich Medridian. I wonder if you have confused degrees minutes seconds on the garmin which is a poplular lat long read out with OSM's degreees only which I certainly think is easier to use. which seems to be close to your most recent edit. hope this helps a bit. EDIT A bit more info 52.25.794 and 5.15.097 degrees this the same postion as 52.15.464 and 5.09.049 degrees and minutes and minute decimals. I just created them as two separate marks on my Garmin vista HCX and one was under the other so problem solved.

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answered 06 Dec '12, 20:51

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andy mackey
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edited 06 Dec '12, 21:48

You were at 52.25836°, 5.14985° in the decimal degree notation. Note that there is only one decimal dot in each number. The number you got from your Garmin seems to be in another degree notation format ("52.15.464 - 5.09.049"). With correct symbols that would be 52°15.464', 5°09.049'. Note that there is a >'< sign in addition to the >°<. Solution: Go into your Garmin's settings and change the display format for coordinates. That is what andy mackey referred to above (06 Dec, 10:38).

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answered 12 Dec '12, 02:18

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edited 12 Dec '12, 02:26

The permalink tab is bottom right on the map page. To grab it right click on it then right click copy link location. then you can paste in this forum or as a link to a place on the maop in emails. Hopefully this screen shot will help, perhaps the tab is off screen on your PC as display is wrong?

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answered 11 Dec '12, 09:26

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andy mackey
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alt text

(11 Dec '12, 09:27) andy mackey

you may need to cntl + a few times to zoom into the bottom right to see it.

(11 Dec '12, 09:36) andy mackey

Hi Andy, this should do, but the question was or is what is causing the discrepanty, between the map and the GPS. Greetz

(11 Dec '12, 22:43) Hendrikklaas

The last remark did it, zoom in extremely !

(11 Dec '12, 22:45) Hendrikklaas

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