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It seems someone edited the map in the area near to my town, but the things he added / modified are definitely not real. He drawn ways, added roundabout like things tagged as "construction" but there's no any construction at that place and most probably there will be no change, since it is not possible that way.

I sent a message to him, but no response (yet, in the last two days).

He made modification in a ~50km area, but obviously I cannot check all of those, however those can be false too.

What should I do in this case? Should I simply correct the area I know, and ignore those which are far from me? Is there a way to rollback his changes?

Can we defense against his further improper modifications? (Of course we can't, if he is malicious, he can register an account with an other name and continue his "work")

So, what should I do next?


asked 05 Dec '12, 13:26

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Note that if you don't want to wait on DWG and you are sure that's vandalism, you can revert yourself his edits with JOSM and the plugin reverter. If you don't feel enough confortable with JOSM and reverts, you may contact your local mailing list and ask support from more experimented contributors (explaine the case with references to user name and locations/objects/changesets details).

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answered 05 Dec '12, 13:42

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