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Dear all, How can i download a map for my mobile app "Navfree"? Best regards

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asked 02 Dec '12, 21:31

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Whether it's possible would depend on where you want a map of. Try looking at the answers to previous questions to see if they're of any help.

(02 Dec '12, 22:08) SomeoneElse ♦


NavFree uses a proprietary map-format. They import the data from OSM, and then 'handle' them with whatever process so it becomes a map usable for NavFree. This has been done because, afaik, the NavFree app is basically the same as their paid-for product NavMii. Therefor, for NavFree to understand and interpret the map-info, the OSM data are rendered in 'their' special format.

You have to wait for them to update the maps ! Which can take very, very, very long !!!

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answered 08 Dec '12, 19:57

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I'd also mention OsmAnd, which is truly free (in a way that you are also allowed to create your own maps).

I didn't know that NavFree and NavMii were the same. Thanks for that. I already wondered how that app had come to the market so fast.

(11 Dec '12, 15:16) Sanderd17

Yes Sander, I also know of OsmAnd, and there it is possible to create your own maps. What I dislike (up until now at least) is their voice command. In English it never completes the words correctly, as if it wants to put too much information in too little time. It really annoys me, for which I prefer NavFree (which has a brilliant voice engine), even though the maps are a proprietary and sometimes a bit (much) older.

(13 Dec '12, 21:38) LimburgCowboy

What engine do you use? A TTS engine or voice files?

For Dutch I have to use voice files as there are no good TTS files available, and this works for me.

But we're getting a bit off-topic now, you can PM me if you want:

(13 Dec '12, 23:28) Sanderd17
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