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Dear Community,

We are just trying to create a big OSM community here in Kathmandu, Nepal and we want to get some shirts, vests and pens with a logo. We need it to identify the mappers on the street and to give them more an official look since some people are very disturbed by strangers looking at their houses and taking notes.

So here is my question: Are we allowed to use the logo for our OSM related purposes? Or are we allowed to use something very similar?

Thank you very much! Lena

asked 28 Nov '12, 10:04

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(30 Nov '12, 09:45) sleske

I just took a look myself and noticed a lack of official merchandise. There was a t-shirt competition, but I don't know what came of it? What would be nice is a simple white t-shirt with the Open Street Map logo on the back with the text "Open Street Map Contributor" underneath it or something of the sorts. A reference design would be good, with the requirement that resulting products should not be sold for profit?

(22 Aug '13, 12:48) ajmas

The OSM Foundation (who holds the trademark) hasn't published any guidelines for using the logo and might indeed take action if the logo was used in a way that is harmful for OSM, but using the logo in public while mapping is probably one of the best uses for the logo - nobody will complain if you print vests or shirts, or flyers or stickers, and use them in the context of mapping.

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answered 28 Nov '12, 11:04

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Thank you for your quick answer! Actually I am working with Nama Budhathoki, who did his research for his PhD in the OSM community, on this project and I heard a lot about you. Do you think you could send my your Email address so we could keep in touch since we need any support we can get for building up OSM Nepal.

Thank you! Lena

(29 Nov '12, 07:49) LenainKtm

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