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Hi all, I'm mapping an alpine shelter and I have drawn quite an accurate way for the building, which is very sharp in aerial imagery. Now, if I add the proper shelter tags to the building's area, only the name=* tag gets rendered, while elevation and - most important thing - the shelter icon aren't rendered at all, so that it's difficult in Mapnik to understand that the thing is really a shelter. Placing a node in the centre of the building, and applying the shelter tag to it, instead, makes the shelter icon appear, but the OSM Wiki seems to discourage this practice (One_feature,_one_OSM_element). Any tips? Thanks! Ocirne

asked 27 Nov '12, 21:27

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If you have amenity=shelter or tourism=alpine_hut on a building=* way then the icon renders on the standard render. It won't though show the elevation as the node shelter does.

You are correct that having two features for one item is discouraged, and filing a change request at trac.openstreetmap.org is probably the recommended route. I understand that there are currently efforts to redesign the stylesheets, so once that is complete perhaps the outstanding requests can be considered. Examples:

  • what you have done with the node inside this way can be seen here
  • another shelter as a building showing the shelter icon does render can be seen here - this one is using tourism=alpine_hut
  • the trac ticket which added them originally
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answered 27 Nov '12, 23:57

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EdLoach ♦
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Or you can use a better suited map for that : http://maps.refuges.info

  • Mountain buildings shown at zoom 11+
  • Support for node, relation and way tagging
  • icone+ele+name

Openstreetmap is about data, maps comes next

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answered 28 Nov '12, 13:29

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Aktet Sly, I reject your vieuw but in your opinion I could stop cartering since I work for a map. I used to work for a rather large database and now I'm contributing to OSM. But Ill consider the result to be as a variant forbidden for your eyes only. Bye

(28 Nov '12, 14:03) Hendrikklaas

Maybe I was a little quick in my view ;-) It's is not that I consider the map below data or anything. What I meant is that even before drawing a map, you need to start by the question : "what data do I collect, and how to be consistent"

If you focus too much on the "how should I do to make my alpine_hut appear on one specific map", you'll end with tagging it as an airport to be sure it displays wich brings several new problems.

(28 Nov '12, 14:10) sly

HI as claer its not my own answer but out of 2010, but describes a similar situation, Hendrik

The OpenStreetMap-data is used to create many different maps, often by different people and available on different websites. There are maps you can view with your browser and maps for other programs or even mobile devices (like Garmin maps).

Every one of these maps can be very different:

• Not everything that is in the data, is also shown on every map. Some features are only shown on specialized maps, some features aren't shown at all and are only used for other applications, e.g. routing.

• Some maps are updated every minute, others much less often (e.g. once a week or month). Sometimes the tiles (map images) are cached and it will take longer for new or changed stuff to appear. Check if the map you are using shows the update interval or actual date and time.

When you talk about 'the map', you may mean the 'Mapnik'-layer on OpenStreetMap.org. That one should be updated every minute, but you still have to keep in mind that not everything is shown there.

If you checked the points above and you still think your changes should appear, you may indeed have done something wrong. Please consider doing the following:

• Check if your changes were indeed added to the database. You can view a history of all your edits in your profile on OpenStreetMap.org under 'my edits'.

• Check other examples of the features you have added or changed and see if they are mapped the same way. You may also want to check the map features or other wiki pages for the correct tags.

• Ask someone else for help. Provide a link to the area you have edited or the changeset (that you can find in your edit history).

answered 12 Jul '10, 00:41


Above the name of the original autor.

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answered 27 Nov '12, 22:36

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Er - you might want to edit that answer a bit for clarity so that bullet points are preserved and so that "link|award points|edit|more" isn't copied over. It's not very legible as it stands.

(27 Nov '12, 22:43) SomeoneElse ♦

Done, readable ?

(28 Nov '12, 00:00) Hendrikklaas

How about a link to the original answer instead of copy'n'pasting it here?

(28 Nov '12, 17:19) scai ♦
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