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These are often inside or right outside stores or gas stations, and offer $1 a day rentals of DVDs as well as Blu-Rays and Video Games. (There is an option to buy some of the disks) These types of vending machines are getting to become common expecially as traditional video rental stores are going out of business. How should I tag these? Are they a store are they a dvd rental or is there even a tag for such a thing? Should I even tag such a thing at all? What are your thoughts / advice on this one?

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asked 26 Nov '12, 19:06

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AFAIK there is no existing tagging scheme for this.

I would use amenity=vending_machine. Then in stead of vending=..., I would use rental=..., since the discs are not sold, but rented.

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answered 26 Nov '12, 21:21

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They can be sold but that isn't the primary use of the kiosk. The other thing is which rental tag should I use? media, discs, dvd:bluRay:PS3:wii:xbox360?

(26 Nov '12, 21:40) redsteakraw

Using taginfo, you can do a search for redbox. It actually turns up a whole variety of possible tags. There are relatively few mapped so far, so if you click through to the top result you can click on the XAPI link and download an OSM XML file showing what else people have tagged these as. The most popular seems to be "vending=dvd".

(27 Nov '12, 00:11) SomeoneElse ♦

I would say it's still vending=* mostly because people would still generically identify it as a vending machine. It's selling a service, similar to ticket machines at transit stations.

(27 Nov '12, 02:43) Baloo Uriza

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