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I just learned that tagging 2 camera-functions in 1 mast should be tagged at one specific spot (2 on top of each other) With the remark its really not usual in OSM ! What to do with all the nodes with tower:type communication functions, as UMTS, GSM and others ? They are frequently tagged as severated nodes. Shouldnt they be tagged at one spot as well ? Im looking at this, and theres only 1 man made mast. Or even this one, the transmitters are placed high up in the tower. Greetz Hendrik

asked 22 Nov '12, 20:53

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Please provide links to the actual elements you area talking about. Your two links are the same and not very precise.

(23 Nov '12, 09:13) scai ♦

Sorry, I thought to ad a correct definition, but heres one situation 5.06972 - 52.05921 and there more on the map I suppoose. One tower and there isnt another tower around, but 2 tags ? With different values.

(23 Nov '12, 11:10) Hendrikklaas

Still not a link to the object(s) but I guess you are talking about this and this tower. Yet I don't understand the problem. Are you asking the same question twice? If this is physically one tower then just fix it by separating the values for the technology tag with a semicolon.

(23 Nov '12, 12:29) scai ♦

No, Your comment and Madryn's were different (see below). I’m just confused to realize there’s no standard. Almost every communication tower is tagged separately. If they happen to be at exactly the same place, at least when recorded in only two dimensions (e.g. if they are mounted on the same pole), that must be a justification for having two nodes in exactly the same place. Two nodes at the same position on the map give the most accurate representation of what exists on the ground. You cannot have a highway=speed_camera and highway=traffic_signals on the same element because they obviously share the same key. Create a separate element for each. Another common approach is to use a semicolon to separate multiple values for the same key. But don't expect all tools to handle this correctly. I used as stated one node on top of the other, but the info wasn’t completely visible. Ill change it using semicolons. When I look at the map they’re only a few people in OSM with this knowledge or avoid it and ad a node next to the tower.

(23 Nov '12, 13:47) Hendrikklaas

Cellphone (and other antennas) in The Netherlands are (mostly) mapped from an import. What was actually imported were not towers, but antennas. So you see multiple nodes, because there are multiple antennas. For each antenna there is both a technology and a height. Note that this is the height of the antenna position, not that of the tower as a whole. Since antennas don't float in the air the assumption was made there was a tower too.

In stead of adding a node for each tower at each group of antennas, the tower tags were added to each antenna. So there is actually one node too few at a lot of locations.

In other locations there is no tower in the real world, because the antennas are on top of other buildings, so there the tower tags could be considered wrong.

Reading the comment below it seems my explanation was too long and I have to be more blunt:

Don't merge the nodes !!!

If you merge the nodes and combine the tags with semi-colons, then you no longer know at which height each antenna is mounted. So in effect you are destroying data, not improving it.

Disclaimer: Since this import dumped all celltowers in The Netherlands on the map years ago, I haven't kept up with how people who actually map this by hand distinguish between towers, masts and antennas on buildings.

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answered 23 Nov '12, 14:47

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Still, using semicolons (Scai) in the advanced menu (P2) gives immediate results in red !! In one case there at least 6 systems asking for a nomination and I know several other cases with much more. I didn’t try to do, but Ill expect lots of trouble. What to do ? Neglect the red signals or stack them ?

(23 Nov '12, 22:43) Hendrikklaas

Create a bugreport if Potlatch shows semicolon-separated values as errors.

(24 Nov '12, 11:50) scai ♦

Potlatch showing semicolon-separated values in red (which is a warning, not an error) is not a bug, but a feature. This was introduced so new users are warned when merging ways and producing nonsense like highway=primary;secondary.

(24 Nov '12, 13:46) cartinus

If this is just a warning (in red?) then this is completely fine, of course.

(24 Nov '12, 14:13) scai ♦

Do any of the communication towers we tagged appear in any layer anymore? Not at least in Taiwan.

(26 Aug '15, 03:09) jidanni

Can't see that page without logging in at facebook. Can you show us a non-evil link please? Also I can't remember that communication towers have been rendered in the past.

(26 Aug '15, 07:56) scai ♦

@scai: My hard work of mapping

<node id="2922115086" visible="true" version="1" changeset="23008847" timestamp="2014-06-18T16:38:32Z" user="jidanni" uid="123189" lat="24.1455147" lon="120.8538414"> <tag k="man_made" v="tower"/> <tag k="tower:type" v="communication_cell_phone_tower"/> </node>

shows up in no layer at all. What is the point of me mapping it then?

Also we see are some very large towers. How can they not be shown in even one layer?

(26 Aug '15, 12:32) jidanni

@jidanni The original question has been about tagging, not rendering. We can't show every detail or the map will be too cluttered. If you still think that communication towers are worth to get rendered then please either ask a new question or get involved with the stylesheet for the standard layer at . Also note that there are already various issues about rendering (communication) towers:

(26 Aug '15, 14:40) scai ♦

@scai OK following I was able to get it rendered at least at magnification 17 and 18 only. OK thanks.

(28 Aug '15, 00:34) jidanni

And 19 too after caching kicked in finally.

(28 Aug '15, 16:26) jidanni
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