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I am a functional tester for a map data validation software developed by company. They need me to validate the quantity/quality of map data. I need a list of street names present in Saudi Arabia esp Riyadh,Dammam,Makkah and Madinah.

Please help!

asked 22 Nov '12, 18:26

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Get some raw OSM data via or overpassAPI for the regions that you need.

If neccesary, cut it with osmosis or osmconverter. Maybe osmfilter can also be helpful.

Then convert the data into a CSV file with the help of osmconverter.

Load that CSV data in any capable spreadsheet software like LibreofficeCalc or any database. Sort it about highway= and name= ... and delete any doublettes.

All needed sites and software is described in the OSM wiki, do a search there about each key word.

Add a comment here if you get stuck anywhere.

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answered 22 Nov '12, 20:31

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Converting to CSV is not strictly necessary : if you know a bit of SQL, querying the database directly might be more convenient.

(23 Nov '12, 10:53) Vincent de P... ♦

Querying the database requires that the data is in the database to start with so you'd have to use osmosis/osm2pgsql/imposm to import it. Another option is using Overpass to directly ask for anything tagged highway=*.

(23 Nov '12, 11:11) Frederik Ramm ♦

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