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Say that I have two ways that cross but do not have a shared point (an intersection). In Potlatch, how can I create a point that is on both ways without moving either one? It seems like no matter how I try to do this I end up creating a junction between the two ways but moving one of them.

This is particularly of interest to me at the moment as I am trying to use the technique described on the page in the wiki to make my roof and parking lot outlines a bit more exact; and I can use "make parallel way" to create a nice grid to work with, but when I try to trace it I have no points to snap to, and when I create the points I end up moving my construction lines. Which then negates the point of doing all that work in the first place.

asked 22 Nov '12, 03:28

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Does "shift click" work for you? If it doesn't, what does happen?

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answered 22 Nov '12, 03:59

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Shift-click is how you add a node to an existing way, yes; and if that click is on the selected way and in the vicinity of another way, the node gets added to both ways; but one (or both?) of the ways may move as a result of this. I'm asking if there's any way to do this without moving either way. (There will be slight adjustment due to rounding error, inevitably, but not nearly as much as I'm currently seeing.)

(22 Nov '12, 04:05) blahedo

The closer you zoom in, the greater precision you should be able to place the node with.

(22 Nov '12, 08:13) Richard ♦

If you zoom further in after you have started P2, and are accurate the point will not move see this question

(23 Nov '12, 00:26) andy mackey

Yes, I can zoom in (and I do), but it's frustrating that the precision of computing an intersection, between two lines that are already in the system, is dependent on the stability of my mouse-clicking hand. I'd vastly prefer to do this computationally, but what I'm hearing is that the answer to my question is "you can't."

(23 Nov '12, 19:50) blahedo

The code in question is at . If you think there's an issue with the calculations, you're welcome to submit a ticket or a pull request as to how it could be improved.

(24 Nov '12, 00:20) Richard ♦

Or, if you are not a software programmer, switch to JOSM editor ;-)

(26 Nov '12, 10:48) Pieren
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Hi excuse, a bit late but in P2 you could try zoom max, like stated, mouse pointer at 'needed node connection', dont move your mouse pointer and shift and click with left mouse button and theres IMHO no movement at all.

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answered 24 Nov '12, 21:34

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If you can imagine to try the editor JOSM:

There is a plugin called utilsplugin2 that gives you the feature to select two ways that cross eachother, and it automatically adds a new node where the lines cut.

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answered 22 Nov '12, 20:40

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I'm aware of JOSM and will probably learn to use it at some point, but Java issues prevent me from using it right now, so this question was specifically about Potlatch. (Your answer may be useful for other people who have this question, of course. :)

(23 Nov '12, 19:48) blahedo

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