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Hello I try to filter the power line out of openstreetmap. The problem is i can't open the whole data and filter them later because the data are to big. So I'm looking for a programm what filters the data I need. I already tried a programm from the University of Stuttgard. With that programm you filter your data out of the osmosis database via the URL:[amenity=bench][bbox=11.28,49.57,11.4,49.68] This is an example for all bench there are in a small area around the city semmelsdorf. The example worked perfectly, but when I tried to filter the powerline it did'nt work anymore. Is there any other chance to filter the data of all power lines of a whole country? Thanks for the help. Gesa

asked 21 Nov '12, 14:18

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Yes, that is possible. Try



Please note that "50.6,7.0,50.8,7.3" is the bounding box in order "min_lat,min_lon,max_lat,max_lon" (instead of "lon, lat") and that the bounding bix is repeated twice. If you want such a big bounding box that the query takes more than 3 minutes, you need to preceed "[timeout:900]", where 900 is the number of seconds maximum runtime:


Longer times are also possible. If the program you want to process the data with afterwards complains about missing version information, please change "out" to "out meta" (this adds the needed extra data but is significantly slower):

(way[power=line](50.6,7.0,50.8,7.3);rel[power=line](50.6,7.0,50.8,7.3););(._;>;);out meta;

To finally convert to GPX, please have a look a this forum thread.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 14:53

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Roland Olbricht
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Hello Roland, thanks for the fast answer. But I tried your programm and when I tried (waypower=line;relpower=line;);(.;>;);out meta; to get the whole data of germany. But my data file is just 341 Bytes big and doesn't have the information ein need. When I use a smaller area like: (waypower=line;relpower=line;);(.;>;);out meta; the programm worked fine. Is there a limit, thats why it doesn't work with the first coordinates? Thanks for your help

(26 Nov '12, 12:44) member100

Yes, there is a limit. If a query comes without speical mark, it is terminated after 3 minutes. Please read

You can start your query with "[timeout:900];" or a higher value to let the query longer running.

(26 Nov '12, 17:37) Roland Olbricht

Have a look at the program called Osmfilter.

You can download an OSM raw data country extract e.g. from and (if neccesary) convert it with osmconvert.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 17:51

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