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The city of Mashhad in north easet of Iran (the second large city in that country) has no name and I eant to add a name for this city. What is the best way to do this? I am working with JOSM and Potlatch 2.



I tried to select city area in JOSM and I get this error: The OSM server '' reported a bad request. The area you tried to download is too big or your request was too large. Either request a smaller area or use an export file provided by the OSM community.

asked 21 Nov '12, 05:18

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Ali Behzadia...
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scai ♦

Try a smaller area as the error message already suggests. The downloaded data from multiple requests will automatically be merged by JOSM.

(21 Nov '12, 06:13) scai ♦

I have to draw a polygon around the city to tag the city but I can't.

(21 Nov '12, 06:14) Ali Behzadia...

Why can't you draw the polygon? Please be more specific. It also suffices if you add a city node for the start.

(21 Nov '12, 06:18) scai ♦

Cities are tagged with place=* either on a node (simplest method) or on an area (if you have better info). Either find the existing node/area and add the name tag on it, or create the node/area yourself.

You do not need to download the whole city to do this :

  • If you're going for the node, just download the city center where the node should be. Using potlach or using josm's "continuous download" plugin might help if you are searching.
  • If you're going for the area, just download one corner of it. Ways are always downloaded as a unit, so if part of the way exists inside your download area, the full way will get downloaded.
  • It's possible that the area already exists as a relation. In that case, tag the relation itself. You can optionally download all members of the relation by right-clicking on the relation in josm's sidebar.
  • If you know that no node/area exist yet, you could even create and upload it without first downloading any data. Places are "immaterial" anyway and shouldn't share nodes with other map features (unless two city-areas are touching).
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answered 21 Nov '12, 11:19

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Please install the mirrored_download plugin in JOSM. You can then download from a mirror server instead of the main server. The mirror servers allow for much larger areas than the main server.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 07:31

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Roland Olbricht
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