I hope you can help me with this.

I have nominatim V2 installed on a machine, and upload some OSM data that I created, so good, but I not understand why not search for all data.

For example, in the database I have a polygon type "place state" with name: "Antioquia" but the search does not find, on the contrary the "place state" "valle del cauca" if found, then, nominatim not search all the names of the DB.

Example "Valle del cauca":

Example for "antioquia" state:


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The official nominatim instance finds both valle de cauca and antioquia, so the problem must be with your setup.

The first thing that springs to mind is that the data for that region is not properly loaded. Can you find other placenames near (or in) Antioquia ? Does your data extract emcompass the whole of Antioquia, plus some margin ? Can you setup a slippymap using you data and verify that Antioquia gets rendered ? Does the data import procedure report some errors ?

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Thanks for the reply, and excuse my English.

  1. Yes, I find places in "Antioquia", example: the city of Envigado, the County of Sabaneta, but no details of Antioquia state.

  2. In the database there is a state "Antioquia", attached images with table and the polygon in gvSIG.

alt text

alt text

(21 Nov '12, 17:02) alveniz

You need to check the placex table for your data. If it is in the place table but not in placex, then your geometry is broken. In that case, the table import_polygon_error will contain an entry that tells you where the error is.

(21 Nov '12, 20:58) lonvia

Hi Lonvia, I check the placex table, My placex is 50% the size of place, and the table import_polygon_error is empty. I do not think either geometry, because if I import only that state there is no error. Do you have another idea?

(27 Nov '12, 16:59) alveniz
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