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When I first load OSM into the browser the initial screen is the view screen and it looks the same as when I began making changes. That is, it looks like no changes have been made. When I load one of the potlatch editors all the changes I have made are there.

What is the "View" map?

asked 12 Dec '10, 12:49

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Give it time, the changes will appear after a few minutes or a bit later, depending on the server load.

(12 Dec '10, 13:09) Alexander Ro...

The main map is a rendering of the map data in the database. The rendering is not done instantly and if the servers are busy it might take a couple of hours before your changes are visible on the main map. Please be patient.

The main map differs from what you see in Potlatch because Potlatch accesses the raw data directly and renders it in the browser. This, however, causes a much higher load on the database than displaying a pre-rendered tile, and also requires Flash to work. The map in the "view" tab is geared towards speed; you can zoom and pan it without having to wait for vector data to be loaded from the database.

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answered 12 Dec '10, 13:11

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I see my changes are there only when i zoom to the next highest zoom level (200 feet). Other wise the main map is unaltered. Not that it matters but I would think the changes would show at all zoom levels.

(12 Dec '10, 14:21) discus277

No, zoom levels are rerendered at different times. Otherwise the zoom level 1 tiles would have to be rerendered every time someone made a trivial change.

(12 Dec '10, 22:30) Richard ♦

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