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I’m struggling with the tag enforcement with 2 utilities, maxspeed and traffic lights. As soon as I added one and safe it, the otherone disappears. The red light camera reacts at > speed levels too. The taglist shows some but I misted this specific one.

asked 18 Nov '12, 22:48

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You cannot have a highway=speed_camera and highway=traffic_signals on the same element because they obviously share the same key. Create a separate element for each.

Another common approach is to use a semicolon to separate multiple values for the same key. But don't expect all tools to handle this correctly.

I don't understand your maxspeed problem though.

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answered 19 Nov '12, 06:17

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scai ♦
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Thanks, but its only one pole with surprisingly a double function. Just add a extra node on top of the other one ? Greetz

(19 Nov '12, 11:11) Hendrikklaas

Although having two nodes on the exact same location is usually discouraged it seems to be a valid solution here.

(19 Nov '12, 14:15) scai ♦

Hi, would this format do without any complaints ? Enforcement - traffic_signals / maxspeed, I'd already added it here ; Greetz

(19 Nov '12, 17:45) Hendrikklaas

No it won't. Why are you asking if you are ignoring the answer anyway?

(19 Nov '12, 18:11) scai ♦

Scai, Im just asked because this is one of the platforms I know, to talk together to make OSM better and usable. Isnt that whats all about ? Making a Worldwide and usable map together and trying to improve the system daily to be used by everyone ? If its a mistake please tell me. Greetz

(19 Nov '12, 21:16) Hendrikklaas

Of course Hendrik, that's why I told you how this specific problem is usually solved by the majority of the community.

(20 Nov '12, 06:16) scai ♦
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The maxspeed tag applies to a way rather than a node, so it does not conflict with the other two tags mentioned. Traffic signals and enforcement cameras each exist at a point, and so must belong to a node. The OSM community has decided that both should use the 'highway' key, and scai has explained that an element may not have two tags with the same key, so the traffic signals and the camera must be tagged on different nodes. If they happen to be at exactly the same place, at least when recorded in only two dimensions (e.g. if they are mounted on the same pole), that must be a justification for having two nodes in exactly the same place. Two nodes at the same position on the map give the most accurate representation of what exists on the ground.

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answered 20 Nov '12, 18:09

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Thanks, done, even the shadow is recognisable !

(20 Nov '12, 20:08) Hendrikklaas

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