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We currently would like to use this service but the server is behind a firewall. We can open a connection to a specific IP address and I'm wondering if the IP for the service is static or not? or if there is a range I can add to ensure it works properly.

currently I am able to find:




Cheers for any info


asked 16 Nov '12, 09:55

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Can you explain what you're trying to do that needs a fixed IP address?

(16 Nov '12, 10:05) Jonathan Ben...

Yes, our web application will geocode an address and then return that to the user. but for the server to do this we need to open the firewall from our server to the nominatim.openstreetmap.org. The firewall is annoying can only handle IP addresses. so if the nominatim is fairly static then we can add it, or if theres a range we can add the whole range. hope that makes sense.


(16 Nov '12, 10:12) Mart

OpenStreetMap currently uses the following IP address ranges:

  • (UCL)
  • (Imperial)
  • (Bytemark)

We also have a few distributed "CDN" tile.openstreetmap.org servers.

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answered 05 Dec '12, 10:39

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