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I made the beginners mistake which was thoughtfully pointed out to me so now trying to fix them.

I have read the help stuff but not having much luck at easily joining ways that I did not get connected when I was doing some TIGER fix up yesterday.

asked 11 Dec '10, 20:13

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Assuming you're using Potlatch 2:

You can tell which nodes are junctions, and which aren't, because junction nodes have a little black outline box around them.

To join a node to another node directly underneath it, just select the node (you might need to press Enter afterwards to say 'please don't extend the way), and press J for Join.

Alternatively, just drag the node on top of the way you want to join it to, and press J.

Potlatch 2 is also smart enough that if you shift-click a way to insert a point, it will automatically make a junction in any other ways that happen to be passing this point.

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answered 12 Dec '10, 22:25

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This depends on which OSM editor you are using. For this sort of fixing, I would recommend using JOSM.

  • If you use the JOSM validator, it will highlight "crossing ways", ie ways that cross on the same layer, and don't share nodes.
  • To fix this, you can use the "Draw nodes" mode (the 2nd icon down on the right hand toolbar, or press "A").
  • Then if you move the cursor over the crossing point of the two ways, both will be highlighted in green. Then just click to add a node to both ways, which will connect them.

Note: Not all crossing ways should necessarily be connected, only if they physically intersect. If the ways cross on different levels (eg if one is on a bridge or a tunnel), then they should not share a node.Instead you should map a bridge or a tunnel, with appropriate layer tags.

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answered 12 Dec '10, 22:12

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