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A newbie question: I see the ways I've created in Mapnick and Osmarender, but not the nodes. Specifically, I've drawn and tagged some paths (based on a GPS trace) for a local state park--and see them. But the tagged node I added for a waterfall does not seem to have been rendered--though it appear as data. Thanks!

asked 10 Dec '10, 22:24

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It would really help if you had linked to the problem so we could see the problem first hand.

Assuming that you have tagged the node waterway=waterfall you have done everything right. The problem is that mapnik and osmarender is not rendering waterfalls. Consider entering a bug report.

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answered 10 Dec '10, 23:21

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The 'Mapnik' layer is very much an all-purpose style. I wouldn't say it's particularly urban-centric, but nor does it show absolutely everything that people might want to tag - the map would be ridiculously cluttered if so.

The 'Cycle map' layer often has a more rural-friendly presentation (especially given the contour rendering) and you might consider raising a trac ticket against this to suggest including waterfalls. Note that this wouldn't be a "bug", however, but rather an "enhancement" which is at the discretion of the individual cartographer responsible for that layer.

As you're in the States, you might also be interested in the very impressive TopOSM.

OSM is about the data. The renderings on the main site are examples of what you can do with it. You're encouraged to use the rendering tools available (which are becoming more and more accessible - look at Maperitive for a good example) to make your own map, rather than expecting everything to be on one rendering.

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answered 12 Dec '10, 22:30

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Thank you for this thoughtful response. TopOSM is indeed impressive--and I just came across Maperative yesterday. The direction it represents--"customized" maps generated on demand--seem to me to be the long-term answer to the question: "Why should I mark and upload features if I can't see them?" Your overall point that OSM remains a work in progress is well taken. I'll keep experimenting.

(13 Dec '10, 05:58) barte

Here's the link. Would consider filling out a bug report if you think I've tagged it correctly.

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answered 11 Dec '10, 00:06

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Thank you. But please refrain from puting coments to anwsers and new information as a new anwser.

The tagging seems to be OK as I suspected. If you want to help the bugfixers and have an artistic mind you can draw or find an icon to use.

(11 Dec '10, 09:56) Gnonthgol ♦

Sorry about that--I wasn't clear on this board's structure. And thanks--looks like it has already been reported: Though that request is for a line--representing Niagra-class falls. I was thinking more of an icon for smaller falls.

(11 Dec '10, 15:04) barte

Yes, it is related to that one but it talkes about adding a LinePatternSymbolizer for ways. As I understands it you want a PointSymbolizer for nodes right?

(11 Dec '10, 19:27) Gnonthgol ♦

You're right--I hadn't made the distinction. With further experimentation though, I'm wondering if this is a broader issue. In this example, the way I added (highway=path) shows, but the node I added (natural=beach) doesn't.

So a newbie question: is OSM--at least for its two main rendering engines--geared more for urban mapping in the features it displays? In other words, it's not so much the specific icon I'm wondering about, but the visibility--in any form--of the node.

(12 Dec '10, 21:44) barte

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