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I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this question, but here it goes:

I recently purchased an eTrex 20 and loaded a 4GB MicroSDHC card in it. I have downloaded a number of recent IMG files that Dave Hansen has generated ( and have found that many maps are missing on the west coast of North America in the larger files. I can successfully use the 500MB-lon_-168.71_to_-118.74.2012-10-31.gmapsupp.img file, but the 1000MB-lon_-168.71_to_-103.18.2012-10-31.gmapsupp.img file is missing most everything west of the middle of Eastern Washington (< lon -119). Oddly, 500MB-lon_-119.71_to_-105.38.2012-10-31.gmapsupp.img is missing maps as well starting even further east. Currently, I can get all of Washington State by having the 500MB-lon_-168.71_to_-118.74.2012-10-31.gmapsupp.img on the GARMIN internal memory and the 1000MB-lon_-168.71_to_-103.18.2012-10-31.gmapsupp.img file on the SD card.

At this point, I am trying to figure out if this is unique to my setup or if there is a problem with the IMG file generation. My old card reader isn't working with the newer SD cards, so I am stuck with going through the USB port of the eTrex 20 for the near future (which is mind-numbingly slow). I have spent many hours downloading and testing these various files. So, I am reaching out to others to see if anyone else is experiencing these problems.

Thanks, -Tom

asked 05 Nov '12, 18:23

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I'm not very familiar with these maps, not being an American, but I tried downloading the map that you suggest (1000MB-lon_-168.71_to_-103.18.2012-11-02.gmapsupp.img) and loading it on to a Garmin Colorado. I couldn't see anything obviously wrong with it; for example, it gave me a very detailed map of Seattle. So then I tried the same thing with an Etrex 30. It took some time (panning across the Atlantic is a bit slow on that device) but eventually it gave me the same result as I had got with the Colorado. I can't help feeling that if it works on an Etrex 30, it ought to work on an Etrex 20 just as well. I was using a 2GB memory card, and the only other maps that I had loaded were the OSM map of Britain and the basemap supplied with the device. Also, I copied the map to the memory card using a card reader rather than going through the Etrex's USB connection. Other than that, I was doing what you were doing. Perhaps you could try downloading a fresh copy of the map. Corruption of downloaded files is rare, but possibly not unknown. Hope this helps.

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answered 05 Nov '12, 23:12

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Thanks for your reply Madryn. One difference I see is that I was using the 2012-10-31 version and you used the 2012-11-02 version. I'm surprised that it is being generated so often. Maybe the errors have been noticed and corrected. I don't think it is download corruption since I am seeing it in multiple files.

I'm am going to leave it for now since what I have works and am headed out on the road tomorrow. I will try again when I get back.

(06 Nov '12, 02:50) TomTalbott

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