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The website at is not suitable for a visually impaired person. Text and map have poor contrast. Some users may be helped by having the text and map images with a black background with white text and white markings such as limits etc..

Is it possible to add such a layout to the website?

asked 04 Nov '12, 16:08

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Bengt Svensk
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edited 17 Jul '13, 15:30

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Sorry to hear that you feel discriminated against. However, please note that this is not a discussion forum. Please formulate a concrete, answerable question. In its present form your post will have to be closed, as it is not a question.

(05 Nov '12, 11:38) sleske

Also, please try to use correct grammar - your post is barely intelligible in its present form. If English is not your native language, feel free to post in a different language, someone will probably add a translation for you.

(05 Nov '12, 11:38) sleske

Finally, please specify what website you are talking about. There are many websites and apps that use OSM data. Do you mean the site at

(05 Nov '12, 11:39) sleske

I took the liberty to rewrite the question. Hope I captured the original intent.

(05 Nov '12, 14:54) sleske

If you're a coder, feel invited to participate at the Look-and-listen-Map (contact me per mail:, where we plan to add specialized maps for several visual impairments beneath a textual map interface.

If not, what do you mean exaclty by "such a feature"? How should it look like or behave? Most of the stuff you see or read at and around is open source and may be optimized by everyone.

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answered 04 Nov '12, 20:43

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There are already a bunch of special maps or even apps for mobile devices listet at OSM_for_the_blind

Maybe there are some more solutions to "display" OSM data in a way you can use?

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answered 04 Nov '12, 17:52

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OpenStreetMap has a focus on data collection, not map creation. The map on the main site tries to showcase some of the data, but it can’t possibly show everything or fulfill every need. There are lots of maps and projects based on OSM data. Maybe some of them already fulfill your need?

What about e.g. AmauroMap or the toner map?

If those don’t help you I’m afraid you will have to find someone or an organization to create a high-contrast map style for you e.g. in TileMill.

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answered 04 Nov '12, 17:32

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