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What's the period too change corrected Keep Right faults on OSM, even if they're not smiling ? I'm following corrected faults and don't see any changes over a few weeks.

asked 02 Nov '12, 16:22

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Perhaps you could provide a link to an example?

(02 Nov '12, 17:10) SomeoneElse ♦

But how do I make a link ? Heres one node anyway Weg: 173827644. To a bridge between two meadows, there several in the area. Greetz

(02 Nov '12, 22:00) Hendrikklaas

If click an icon in KeepRight you will see something in the popup that says "link to here: error #xxxxxxxx". If your right click on that link you should be able to select something similar to "Copy Link Location" in your web browser. Then you may paste the link here.

You may also left click on the error link in the pop-up and copy the URL from the location bar.

(02 Nov '12, 22:14) gnurk

If an error on Keep Right shows a non-smiling icon it should stay visible forever.

The non-smiling icon means that the automated script thinks that there is an error, but a human said the script was wrong. The script won't get smarter, so the icon stays.

If you don't want to see the the non-smiling icons, then uncheck the bottom two checkboxes in the left column

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answered 02 Nov '12, 22:19

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So the non smiling icon cant be eraesed. I just made a task for myself by cleaning up my own work. Toobad not succesfull completedly.

(02 Nov '12, 23:12) Hendrikklaas

This is the way, which is here. To link to keepright, set the flags at the left however you like, zoom to the area of interest and then click on "permalink" at the bottom right.

This is what the area around your bridge looks like, and you can see that there's no keepright "error" listed for it.

Of course, everything that keepright mentions is for guidance only. One of the its useful features is "almost-junctions" (where one way almost but not quite joins another), but as well as genuine errors this will also highlight "false positives" where in reality the ways really don't join.

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answered 02 Nov '12, 22:10

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Sad smiley error hints are ones that have been tagged with the solution/judgement "ignore (false-positive)" by someone. That means that the software's hint that at that object there could be a problem was wrong.

These error hints stay until the software is made more clever (as far as I know, currently, by the programmer). However, you can hide such ignored error hints by un-checking the checkbox "show ignored errors" in the bottom left corner.

The smiling smileys ("ignore temporarily (error corrected)" solution/judgement) will disappear after the next update (the last update is shown in the bottom bar), if the issue really was fixed (remember, that there error hints can be wrong - first case). If you like you can also hide these smileys with un-checking the relvant checkbox at the bottom left.

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answered 18 Oct '13, 03:27

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