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I am set up a tile server to render tiles for a Slippy Map which is used in one of our web applications. I used the tutorial Manually building a tile server (12 04) to build up the server. For testing, I installed the server on a vm (VMware) on my own PC first. Everything works fine by using "hamburg.osm.bz2". After testing it locally, I set it up on a server vm (Citrix Xenserver, Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, Postgres 9.1, 4 CPUs, 4GB RAM) and I used the file "germany.osm.bz2" for the map data.

If I move over the map or zoom in and out I have more often a map like this: alt text

Firebug show's for this tiles a "404 Not Found", but if I type the URL in the address line I can see the Image. If I scroll into the map and out of the map I also the see tile.

I don't have any idea how can I fix it.

asked 02 Nov '12, 09:43

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My guess is that the first time the tile is rendered it takes too long to be available so you get the 404. By the time you type the URL or zoom in and out the rendering has finished and the tile is available to you. To solve it I guess you get a faster tile renderer or pre-render areas you are most interested in.

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answered 02 Nov '12, 10:00

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EdLoach ♦
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What do you mean with a faster tile renderer? To increase the server hardware (RAM etc.)? We will try to pre-render the tiles.

(02 Nov '12, 12:15) marco-2012

This is the server yevaud, aka - I think having the database on the SSD was found to help a lot, but even then complex tiles might still exhibit the behaviour you have seen. If you look elsewhere in these forums you'll see questions about why people can't see their changes - in this case they will often be served a cached (old data) tile if the new tile doesn't render quickly enough (I believe). If there is no tile then they'd get the 404 tile

(02 Nov '12, 13:10) EdLoach ♦

We currently can not use a SSD for the database. Thus we will try to pre-render the tiles. May be it will help.

(02 Nov '12, 13:54) marco-2012

You can also increase the timeout for which mod_tile waits for the rendering to complete until it gives up and returns a 404. This is set by the "ModTileMissingRequestTimeout" parameter in the site definition of Apache. The default is set to 10 seconds, but you can set it higher. However, pre-rendering of tiles at least for the low zoom levels (e.g. Z0 - z12) is probably preferred.

(03 Nov '12, 01:14) apmon

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