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I have recently stumbled upon a permissive footpath marked as:

  • designation = permissive_footpath
  • foot = permissive
  • highway = path

Since there is no access tag, it is rendered exactly like a public footpath. What is the right way to tag it so that it gets rendered as permissive access (green dotted lines)?

If I add access = permissive, won't it imply that access is permissive for all forms of transport?

asked 31 Oct '12, 09:45

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Usually we don't tag for the renderer.

It is true that the currently used stylesheet for mapnik (the renderer for our main slippy map) only recognizes access= and ignores the more specific access tags (with a few exceptions). You could create a feature request but keep in mind that the main map cannot display every possible map feature. highway=path for example allows foot, bicycle and horse according to the default access restrictions. Consequently you cannot render foot=permissive the same way as access=permissive because they don't have the same meaning and the access permissions for foot and horse would get ignored.

There are also several other map features like barriers which can prevent you from using a specific way, not all of them are rendered. If you want to know whether you are allowed to use a way or a route then consult an up-to-date routing engine instead. The rendered map just gives you an overview but hides lots of detailed information.

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answered 31 Oct '12, 17:30

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scai ♦
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Path implies bicycle=yes, so the current tagging is not correct.

I would go for

  • access=permissive
  • horse=no
  • vehicle=no

This should be enough

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answered 31 Oct '12, 10:03

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why not: highway=footway, access=permissive?

(31 Oct '12, 10:56) moszkva ter

highway=footway is equivalent to highway=path with horse=no and bicycle=no according to the default access restrictions.

(31 Oct '12, 15:47) scai ♦

Highway=footway + access=permissive would imply (amongst others) hgv=permissive, so I'm not in favour of that.

My access rules can be used with every highway type and will be unambiguously correct.

I do not say which highway type is to be used, that's up to the mapper, but with this combination of access tags, nothing can go wrong.

Foot=permissive could indeed also be used, instead of access=permissive. But you don't tag for the renderer whichever you chose. Both are 100% correct.

(16 Dec '12, 22:43) Sanderd17

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