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Is there something that verifies/validates/checks/tests for very near nodes next to junctions?

For example, the picture below. See that we have a node that could be removed (or merged) to the node that is already being used at the junction. Visually it is very difficult to see those unnecessary nodes that could be removed.

Are there any tools available that could warn us about this?

asked 30 Oct '12, 13:39

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The extra node there isn't causing any massive problem, so I guess the first thing to say is, this problem is low priority compared to some other problems we detect with automated checks.

In particular "connectivity problems" are more severe. I mean for example if the way on the right hand side there actually stopped short of the junction at the extra node. Such problems are identified by Keep Right, and also shown as fixable little tasks in the awesome new MapRoulette challenge.

But if this is just a case of one too many nodes, I don't think we have a tool to detect that. It's a problem we see a bit in the TIGER data. It's not just at junctions. We also see too many nodes forming fiddly bits on boundary ways (a larger class of problems where we might say we just need to do some 'simplifying' algorithm) In a way I suppose it's a somewhat subjective choice, whether this node is unnecessary.

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answered 30 Oct '12, 14:22

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Harry Wood
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It's not that rare to find a way that has useless nodes (it's not specific to crossroads). Not worth hunting them down systematically, but fixing them as we go (like useless tags for example) is usefull. So checking that in the editor's before-upload validator may be the way to go ? Alas, everybody will have a different opinion on which treshold is "correct".

(30 Oct '12, 15:37) Vincent de P... ♦

@vincent-de-phily exactly this. Suppose I am editing an area and I would like to also fix some low hanging fruits. It would be good to have a validator to point me where there are such very near nodes that could be merged/fixed.

(30 Oct '12, 16:46) naoliv

turning off backgound image can help sometimes so set background to none.

(30 Oct '12, 17:08) andy mackey

Yes, it helps, but still not on higher density cities or with a far zoom.

(30 Oct '12, 17:17) naoliv

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