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HI. I have been reading about this, and i am too new at osm; i wish you could explain to me, how can i contact / coordinate with other editors to prevent missunderstandings or mistakes?


asked 29 Oct '12, 16:44

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Juan Facundo
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If you are using potlatch2 you can see who as worked on a way before by following these steps.

  1. Start editor
  2. left click on way so it is highlighted yellow
  3. Left click on advanced tab it is at the bottom of left side tagging box
  4. left click on the way number at the top of box
  5. you should see a list of edits and the mappers
  6. click on name in question
  7. you will see their details

Hope this is what you wanted

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answered 29 Oct '12, 17:34

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andy mackey
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Yes, it's usefull too; thanks !!

(29 Oct '12, 17:50) Juan Facundo

See the answers to Question:How do I see the history for my area. In particular this recent edits view. So there's various ways of figuring out who has been actively editing in your area.

Having found a user name you can contact a mapper via the website.

There are number of ideas under development to improve the "social" aspects of OpenStreetMap and make these kinds of interaction easier.

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answered 29 Oct '12, 18:03

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Harry Wood
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Have a look at where you might find other mappers from your country.

Or do a research whether your area is covered by the List_of_territory_based_projects

To see edits from other mappers in your area, zoom in enough and choose "chronic" or similar in your language on the main view of to see their edits. You can contact them by clicking on their usernames.

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answered 29 Oct '12, 17:24

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Many thanks for the info.

(29 Oct '12, 17:30) Juan Facundo

"chronic"? What is this option? Did you mean the "history" tab?

(29 Oct '12, 18:04) Harry Wood

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