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What is the best way to map/trace junctions like this?

Junction 1

Junction 2

Junction 3

Or better, how to map places where there are big areas?

Also, is there a better way to map this? http://osm.org/go/NqFH9RFk3-- http://osm.org/go/NqFH9RFk3--

asked 28 Oct '12, 21:37

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Hi Naoliv, Use common sense, try to make it as smooth as possible without sharp angles. So ad a node and curve the road to a rectangular angle and connect them. They don’t have to align all together (Pic 1). Connect the bayonet shaped crossing, by moving both ways to each other and continue with a straight line to the right side of the picture, just make a connection and don’t try to map all the roads as they’re used at this point (pic 2). At pica 3 I d only bend the sharp corner downwards. Both roads don’t look like they’re connected. The last one is too complicated. Make it simple by drawing 2 circles and connect the 4 separate ways to the circles on both sides. Or make it even triangular shape forms if you like it better and have enough workspace. Happy mapping Hendrik

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answered 29 Oct '12, 00:20

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The roads in the last picture clearly miss a lot of turn restrictions. As already mentioned by Hendrik try to keep it simple. Usually only physically divided roads are entered as separate ways, except when there is a rather complex junction which cannot be modeled by a single way. In that case you also have to add all relevant turn restrictions or routing engines may choose routes which aren't allowed in reality.

Another mistake in the last picture are the two unconnected mini roundabouts. If they are true roundabouts then draw them as closed loops (as already done) and add the junction=roundabout tag. If they are just mini roundabouts then only draw a single node with the highway=mini_roundabout tag and connect all roads to this node (the current mini roundabout is unconnected and hence cannot be recognized by any routing engine). But you cannot have both as it is currently the case. And are there really that much stop signs? Seems like another mistake to me.

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answered 29 Oct '12, 07:38

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scai ♦
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Yes, there are all those stop signs there :-)

So at the last picture we can simplify it with one mini-roundabout at each side, like this?


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answered 29 Oct '12, 18:44

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