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Is it possible to use option 'Get directions' (like in Google Maps) in OpenStreetMap ? If not, I think it could be nice option.



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This question seems to be a duplicate of the older where can I do a direction search / routing (from x to y location)? question.

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OpenStreetMap is in fact only about the data. In the old days, there wasn't even a map to view.

Now, some features (like search and a rendered map) have been added to make it easier for the mappers, so the data gets better quality.

Off coarse, routing can also be some quality check, but it asks a lot of CPU power, for maybe very little gain for the mappers. So it will only be added when there is enough time/money left to develop it and have the servers. There have been several discussions about adding it, so I don't think it will take years from now.

For now, you can indeed use other routers, as Cartinus said, or download data and use offline software to calculate routes (on your computer, or on a mobile device).

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answered 29 Oct '12, 10:57

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This is not an option on the main website, but there are several third party sites that provide this service based on OpenStreetMap data:

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answered 28 Oct '12, 16:16

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For my purpose the best will be

Thank you.

(28 Oct '12, 19:16) Ziomo

Note that ORS has very old routing data at the moment. If you want a fast & fast updating online routing service consider using OSRM instead.

(28 Oct '12, 19:22) scai ♦

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