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I read or followed the earlier question 'What are the most common mistakes etc'. Most of the answers are one or more years old ? The corrections and comments your getting as a contributer to OSM are mostly simple your doiing it wrong in more or less friendly words. Or simply its against the rules, see WIKI. But WIKI is as a large front of trees, it looks like a forest and you dont see a single tree. You dont get a really friendly welcome feeling at all. Others react friendly and ad usefull links as Keep Right and sellect all items, plaese. Is there a list or has every newbie to find his own way and stumble over the common mistakes, so that everyone has to correct it. And even more negative is the experience of noticing corrections made without contact, behind your back ! How to demoralize and send a newbie away.

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There is a beginners guide in the wiki, see . Now, OSM is a community project. You are part of that community, so edit away :). Feel free to improve the beginners guide, wiki pages, etc.

What I found incredibly useful was the "How to map a"-Wiki page at .

re "corrections behind one's back": If there are obvious errors, why should I contact the original contributor and say "You misspelled 'house', I corrected it!"? It at least doubles my effort. If there are controversial edits, then contact each other, but my Wikipedia experience tells me that most corrections are noncontroversial.

You don't own your contributions, and should be happy if someone improves your data. You contributed a baseline, someone improved on it. That is just how it should work!

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