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I am using an OpenStreetMaps Vector map of the UK that takes it's rendering from a .xml file.

Is there an editing tool for Windows that will allow me to view the '' and edit the '' to change the appearance of some of the map attributes for example road colour and path width then export the new .xml file?

I have tried making the edits in a text editor but this is long winded and not that successful.

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The raw OSM data (what you have in the .xml file) does not have any specific attributes that are used for rendering (how the map appears on the output media). Typically this is acheived via a "style file".

Since you don't actually specify with what you are viewing the vector map data it is difficult to help you any further.

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answered 25 Oct '12, 09:47

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Thanks Simon,

I am viewing the map file using Oruxmaps on an Android phone. The files I am using are downloaded from

I have found if I edit the colour in the .xml file the change is reflected in the map so assumed this was used for the style.


(25 Oct '12, 10:17) twoten

The xml file you are referring too is such a style file I was referring to, and NOT OSM data. You are actually using the MapsForge renderer see in Oruxmaps.

I don't believe that there is currently a visual editor for MapsForge style files, but you could try asking at the link above.

(25 Oct '12, 10:22) SimonPoole ♦

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